Ocean Cantos
2013-2017, HD soundfilms
OceanStudi-CanMundspinwa2 2015AZdravic 400

A continuation of my exploration of the oceanic and atmospheric realm*, Ocean Cantos is conceived as an evolving series of short film studies of the ocean’s dynamics, its many tempers and moods, majestic beauty and power.

In 2017 ten films were released, filmed on the Pacific coast of central California (2013) and on the Atlantic - Cantabrian Sea shores of northern Spain (2014 and 2015):

Sand's Journey (11'30), Sea Manes I (6'20), Sea Manes II (9:10), Sea Manes III (6'20), Horizons (12:30), Ripples (7'10), Waves Lace (7'30), Ancient Shore (7'45), Glimmering (6'30) and Organicism (7'20)....

New films are forthcoming in 2021.

*see notes on my films Ocean Beat, Origin, Air Trio, Water Waves and the Water Waves-Time Horizon installation.

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