Sound Music



Film Soundtracks

The soundtracks for all my films were recorded, mixed, composed by myself.

I shot my very first film (1973) while listening to music in the headphones, but soon, I dropped the music and began recording ambient sounds. Since 1974, I have accumulated an extensive library of ambient recordings - natural and man-made sounds, sound effects, instruments - a pool of sonorities for creating soundtracks and samples - the building blocks for my 'sound music’.

Over the decades, I used a variety of techniques and technologies: sound collages (early films), in-camera 'sound-activated' editing, analogue synthesis/processing (mid 1970'), digital processors and samplers (1980'), software sequencers (1990'), current software instruments and processors, in tandem with video editors.

The Independent Films pages contain previews of soundtracks of a dozen films.

Sound Music

Examples will be added in near-future updates.