Public art

Earth-Consciousness-Revival - Film installation at 48°C Public Art Ecology festival, Delhi, December 12-21, 2008   
PublicArtDelhi 1 2009©AZdravic 322PublicArtDelhi 2 2009©AZdravic 322

The video installation consisted of my three nature-related films – Origin (24 min), Heartbeat (9 min) and Riverglass (41 min) – projected simultaneously as continuous loops in the midst of an intense urban environment. The grassy rooftop of the Palika Bazar at Connaught Place in central New Delhi, surrounded by avenues choking with noisy traffic, proved to be the perfect setting for this experimental screening. The visual and sonic exhilaration arising from the mix of nature's intensity and the city's cacophony seemed uncannily 'in tune'.
PublicArtDelhi 3 2009©AZdravic 322PublicArtDelhi 4 2009©AZdravic 322


Previous screenings in public spaces  / selected

  • Nova Štifta church nave: Riverglass, ‘Likovna srečanja Ribnica98’, Slovenia
  • Ljubljana Castle courtyard: open-air première of Riverglass, European Month of Culture, Ljubljana
  • Sausalito Bay, ‘Films Afloat’ presented by Public Art Works & the Exploratorium, San Francisco
  • Ljubljana old city, Shoemakers’ Bridge: AZ ocean films-in-progress