Water Waves - Time Horizon
2013 (restored 1993 original) 27 min loop sound HD 7-channel
WaterWaves pipen2013-AZdravic 645x150

Water Waves - Time Horizon is a visual study of the power and beauty of wave phenomena ranging from tiny ripples of raindrop rings to streaming standing waves in rivers to ocean swells and thunderous shore breaks. Filmed on the north shores of the Hawaiian islands Oahu and Kauai, Water Waves allows the viewer to observe a wave in all stages of its evolution simultaneously. Thus, the installation also plays with our perception of time and space.

The piece was originally created in 1993 for the Exploratorium - museum of science, art and human perception, where I was an artist-in-residence. In its present (seven-channel) reincarnation, restored in HD, the Water Waves installation features a recomposed soundtrack and a complete re-orchestration of its sequences (see description and a review of the original Water Waves 1993).

Water Waves - Time Horizon is a permanent exhibit at the San Francisco Exploratorium, since May 2013.


"Andrej is able to transform the video installation into a complete experience through manipulation of scale - enlarging and cropping phenomenal events outside our usual perceptual frame of reference. As the waves appear to flow serially across the screens, [...] they metamorphose - - pond becomes river becomes ocean becomes sky.

The power of wave movement, from the ripples caused by rain delicately falling on a river's surface to the Pacific waves crashing against the shore, actively engages the visitor in an expectant, heightened awareness. It arouses responses that are both emotional and analytic. The effect is that the setting erases the technology, and what comes forward are the phenomena in all their sensuality and symbolic power."
Mark Bartlett, 'A Curious Alliance' - The Role of Art in a Science Museum