Ocean Lava - Time Horizon 
1999 30 min loop sound 16mm/Laserdisc 8-channel

OceanLava 1bflipn2013cAZdravic 645x225

Witnessing the primordial battle of fire and water, the most fascinating experience of my life so far. The battle of lava and the sea lasts for days and nights on end, breathing in a mysterious rhythm and speaking of another dimension, long-forgotten by man, the conflict of opposing elements creating a hypnotic symphony of eons past. It is a vision of a world becoming in front of our eyes.
The film for the installation was shot in 1989 at Wahaula on Hawaii, Volcanoes National Park. (Some of this film material was incorporated in my film Ocean Beat1990).
AZ, 1999 

Ocean Lava represented Slovenia at the 48th Venice Biennale 1999.


“... This time, a work by Andrej Zdravič produces a kind of salutary shock that announces a true work of art. Ocean Lava, a thirty-minute film on ten screens arranged in an arc, shows nothing less than the birth of the world. [...] With his eyes the visitor absorbs in disbelief these colour undulations, bewildered by something that has never happened, something unheard of. He is filled with gratitude towards an artist who, without a trace of vanity, yet in complete possession of high technical abilities, makes manifest a fundamental truth - - in the light of which the overzealous and belaboured contemporariness of numerous exhibited works (at the 48th Venice Biennale) completely fades away - - that nature tells us what it shows us. What Zdravič shows us is wonderfully equal to nature.“
Friedrich Danielis, painter and writer, Wiener Journal, 1999

“Andrej Zdravič is someone who has been working for some 25 years or so in the medium of film and video and although he 'only' does, if you like, nature phenomena dramas, it is very much about humanity and about a human drama and there is a strong metaphorical dimension. There is this universality of his language and a professionalism which is very impressive…” 
Henry Meyric Hughes, British freelance curator and writer on art, TV Slovenia, 1999