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1987 12 min sound 16mm
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my website Iceland is in a state of continuing creation which manifests itself in hot springs, steam eruptions and geysers. It is a magical land of vast expanses, strange rock formations, countless rivers, cascades and glaciers. This windswept and desolate earth paradoxically vents great heat and energy from its inner core. Restless evokes the power and mysticism of this young earth. I created the Restless soundtrack with studio equipment courtesy of Woody Vasulka and Steina, Santa Fe, NM (see Links/ Buffalo Heads).
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single frauen eifel Special Mention: 26th Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA 1988

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“An elegant, deliberate surrealistic work revealing in equisite detail hot springs in Iceland. Boiling fountains, submerged striated layers of minerals, escaping steam, and macro-cinematography enhance this metaphorical work by a filmmaker known for his visual and acoustic virtuosity.“ 
verlorene bekanntschaft John Columbus, Director, Thomas Edison Black Maria Film Festival, 1988

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"Restless by Andrej Zdravič. A wordless one-character drama featuring glorious Iceland as itself. Not a post card, it is a non-verbal documentary of the geysers, hot springs and eruptions that continue to form the island country. A well-detailed, highly colored portrait of churning change, and proof that geology never sleeps."
internet Casey St. Charnez, The Santa Fe Reporter, New Mexico, 1988

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